Which Millwork Works Best for my Home

Are you a home owner that is thinking about renovating your home? Do you want to to add some flair while also ensuring the design and floor plan you create works best for your family but also adds value to your home? Adding the right millwork can go a long way in reaching your reno goals. Some millwork is essential like adding baseboards and door casings, but which millwork could you add that can transform the space or any room within the home? Wainscoting is a type of trim moulding that adds spark and character throughout your home.

Wainscoting is not an essential trim moulding like window casings and base cap skirting or even a shoe mould to cover any caps between the floor and baseboard. Wainscoting is an added feature that most homes don’t have. It will add instant character while also updating the space as you can mix and match the paint colour when wainscoting is added. You can paint the chair and wainscoting one colour while painting the wall a different colour. Any trim carpenter that offers design help as part of their services will always suggest a touch of wainscoting be added to either a den, hallway or even a formal dining room.

Choose The Right Millwork and Transform any Space 

When we talk bout choosing the right type of millwork, we are referring to trim moulding that is not essential to finishing all the trim carpentry in and around your home. As we said earlier, baseboard trim, door and and window casings are essential to having a completed product.

It’s the finer details of trim carpentry also known as millwork that a home owner can add to enhance how the home is finished. A simple fix to updating any room within your home is to change the style of interior doors while also matching the casing profiles and baseboard. You can also upgrade the show mould or the quarter round style that best suits the millwork that is essential. The extra’s that a home owner could add when deciding which millwork to choose. Should we install wainscoting with a chair rail or ignore the chair rail and install decorative panel moulding on the entire wall. 

Another added type of millwork that is not essential to completing a finished product would be to upgrade and install crown moulding in specific rooms like your formal dining room and hallways. Painting any type of millwork helps enhance the look and feel of your home in how it will be finished. Choosing the right paint colours is key to updating the space that’s best suited for the type and style your home is. It’s always a great idea to visit your local hardware and paint store and choose different colour with variations of finish and apply some paint on the wall in order to pick the right colour.

Install Wainscoting to Ensure a Higher ROI When You Sell the Home

When renovating your home it’s prudent to also think about the future, if your home will suit your family’s needs down the road? If you think the home may not be able to satisfy your needs then planning your reno today could have a big impact tomorrow. This is why it’s essential to add value to your home’s bottom line by picking the right colours and finished details that will attract home buyers when selling the property.

The most value in a home’s equity is of course location, style and size but the finer details also matter when marketing a home for sale. Finer details like which trim mouldings profiles and styles you choose while also which other types of millwork is added to enhance the look and feel of the home. 

Wainscoting, panel moulding while also adding crown moulding is the safest and cost effective measure a home owner can take to ensure a positive return on investment. Every home that has a polished carpentry finish from the fine details of a new and updated kitchen to new gleaming floors, if the trim carpentry doesn’t match all those other fine details, than you might be selling yourself short of adding equity to your home

Interior Designers Prefer Wainscoting over other types of Millwork for a Reason 

It’s extremely daunting for most home owners when they begin thinking about the idea of renovating their home. It’s normal for most to feel overwhelmed with the task of ripping their home apart and then not knowing how to put it all back together.  Any general contractor or tradesman will always suggest consulting with an interior designer prior to starting any home renovation. A top interior designer can help set the budget you put forth while also working within the budget while planning the finish details. They also understand pricing and most even have contacts in construction to help facilitate the entire project

When planning your interior millwork, most designers always choose a style of wainscoting over any other added type of trim. Wainscoting adds flare to any home, it’s reasonably inexpensive to have a trim carpenter install while also adding value to your home’s equity. Wainscoting is not just a type of trim design, it’s more than that, it acts as break up point on a wall, helping the designer decorate any space with more detail.

Always hire the right trim carpenter and interior designer to help with any of your custom millwork designs and bring your home into the next century! It’s time to flaunt your home off again! 

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