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Why Hire a Toronto Baseboard Installation Contractor

Most home renovators or DIYer’s believe that installing a baseboard trim is the easiest type of trim moulding for any level DIYer to install themselves, the notion is true. Baseboard trim is considered the easiest type moulding to build in and place on a wall themselves. The question is, how do you install baseboard around a circular staircase or around a tricky corner that has multiple angle cuts? If you’re wanting a true finished look that is top level than maybe hiring a trim carpenter might be a good call!

Are Pre-Painted Baseboards Cheaper to Install

When referring to a pre-painted trim or moulding material, typically that material is known as MDF, a medium density fibreboard in which are sold pre painted with primer only, not with a finish coat of paint. The material itself (MDF) is the most budget friendly material in the trim carpentry industry and yes because MDF is easier to bend, flex and cope, generally the overall cost would be less expensive when a Toronto baseboard installation contractor takes on a project.

If the material being used is a poplar wood or pine as an example, then the cost to lay any baseboard would rise due to that the material is not as flexible to work with as MDF would be. If the material is oak and the clients required finish is a stain over a paint grade than the installation costs would be greater. Regardless if you’re wanting to build in baseboard or introduce wainscoting or even update door and window casing throughout your home, the type of finish will determine the overall installation cost.

A Toronto baseboard installation contractor will consider many factors when pricing a project. These factors vary from how intricate the project is to how far the carpenter has to walk back and fourth from his miter saw to the installation placement. (It should be noted that any saw cuts should be done outside the home or commercial space due to the amount of dust that a miter saw exhausts.) For the most and least intricate job, typically the cost would start at $1.00 per linear foot and rise from there (excluding materials), again, depending on materials and type of finishing the job’s requirements.

Are Pre-Made Trim Kits Similar to MDF

MDF is the a acronym for medium density fibreboard. MDF is the most budget friendly material on the market for ant type of interior trim moulding, including crown moulding and panel moulding. When planning a baseboard upgrade in your home, MDF may not be the best suited material due the amount of traffic that a baseboard trim is exposed to. MDF does not hold up well with pets either as it can strain and damage easily if soiled. MDF does not hold up well with vacuum cleaners or a heavy set wet mop either. These are some factors to consider in your planning stage prior to purchasing any building material. A more suitable material in which is also budget friendly would be poplar wood or a pine material.

If you’re adamant in using MDF as your preferred material then it would be ideal to also add a shoe mould to your baseboard build up, only the shoe mould should be polar wood as this would protect the base cap from those pesky vacuum cleaners and overly wet mops.

What are the Most Popular Baseboard Designs and Styles

When discussing any type of trim moulding design and styles, the design is referring to look while the height and thickness of the building material is referred to the style. Picking the right style and design is key in achieving the final look of your project. Miter5 offers free consultation in helping you create a plan as part of our trim carpentry services.  We can help you choose the right design matching all interior trim mouldings by showing how examples pieces would fit in any room.

A traditional home that was built in the mid century such as a Victorian with high ceilings could use a 7 inch base cap where as a cookie cutter home with a lower ceiling height could fit a 5 1/2 inch base cap as it this style would be more appealing and help bring out other features of the room. Contemporary styled homes would be best suited with a more modern baseboard design and cleaner look by not adding a quarter round or shoe mould. Another modern baseboard design is just a 1 by 5 straight piece of stock wood without any profiles milled in the stock, just a flat piece of material and again, without adding a shoe mould build up.

Styles and designs vary all around the style of home, size of the room and ceiling height the trim carpenter is working with. Planning the right styles is key to achieving the most satisfying look and finish possible. Researching different baseboard trim styles and consulting with a Toronto baseboard installation contractor will benefit the home owner, builder or general contractor in designing the final look!

Toronto Baseboard Installers

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Hire a Top Toronto Baseboard Installation Contractor

It’s essential in hiring all the right trades people when either renovating a home or building a home from scratch. Installing a cove trim such as baseboard (AKA Skirting) it will require attention to detail especially when navigating around inside corners. Walls are almost never plumb, hence leaving inside corners that are not 90 degree’s. If a inside corner is not metered properly, the moulding will have a gap and even with caulking, they will open over time. Having the right tools if you’re a DIY’er is half the battle, knowing how to use these tools for a smooth install is the other aspect of installing any cove mouldings.

If you’re not doing this type of work everyday, it can be frustrating when wanting to complete your project on your own. Hire a Toronto baseboard installation contractor as it will save you time, frustration and money in the long run. Don’t waste expensive material with wrong cuts, hire a trim carpenter as it will save you tons of stress in already stressful process of home renovation!

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